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Volunteer Testimonial-Lydia Thiagarajah PDF Print E-mail

Education: Second year in Bachelor of Arts (Global),Monash University Malaysia. Majoring in International Studies and minor in Gender Studies.

Plans for the future: Diplomacy focused on human rights issues, to work with the United Nations.

Born in Jaffna Sri Lanka, I was a part of the massive displacement that took place in 1995. Even though I was a toddler at the time the experiences of death, sorrow, fear, abandonment and immense hardships are still a fresh memory. As a consequence I have within me a deep sense of longing to assist and bring justice to the needy and victimized people of unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, International Studies is a field of education that appeals to me greatly.

During my summer vacation I decided that I should use my time productively. Therefore I decided to intern with a non-governmental organization so that I could get some basic knowledge about the set-up and workings of NGOs, while also contributing my time and effort towards a worthy cause. After joining Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka, I assisted with various tasks which included writing for the newsletter, annual report etc. I also attended a meeting in which I was able to understand how different organizations came together to work towards one goal. Doing research and giving ideas to start up new projects was also something I enjoyed. My experience was further enhanced by the fact that I was encouraged to contribute in any way I could even if it meant writing numbers on a file. I was able to value every person who contributed in their own way towards a cause. The staff members of HFHSL were very welcoming and friendly which made my stay a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Even though I joined Habitat during a time of change and restructuring, I was fortunate enough to attend a volunteer build in Negombo. Seeing the work taking place was a special experience which deepened my understanding of the aim and goal of Habitat for Humanity, building safe and decent houses for those in need. I wish I could have stayed longer and gotten more involved, however I am glad I was a part of this organization. I would encourage anyone interested to take the chance to intern with HFHSL, this is a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge while also contributing to the cause of Habitat for Humanity.


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